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Reviews from Past Volunteers

Reviews from Past Volunteers

Rob, from Australia

"Saping was a thoroughly superb workaway experience that I won't quickly forget, I hope I managed to gainfully contribute to your project. The kids are a joy to teach, generally very receptive and eager and it was very fulfilling to teach about science, earthquakes and mountains. The village is very beautiful, you can wake up and see Himalayan giants from the window, it's also very authentic Nepalese and it was very nice to get to know a bit about local custom/people.

Uttam is a great guy and very interesting and inspiring to talk to, thanks too to Sante and Pavitra for the wonderful Dahl Baht and Sarikram for village tours. One tip would be to really think about what you're going to teach in advance and try to get a few resources together. I was teaching about geography and I really wish I'd printed out twenty or so black and white maps of the world."

Mikaila, from Canada

"I just finished a fantastic month at this school. Both Uttam and Emma are extremely helpful and I recommend that anyone interested in doing a workaway here read the information thoroughly, as it is very honest. It is a very inviting environment and Uttam's family is lovely and totally invested in the prosperity of the school.

Getting There: Saping is remote and difficult to get to on bus. If you are not used to taking public transport in Nepal be prepared for a bumpy and mountainous ride that is an adventure on it's own! Saping is very quiet and going to a larger city is a long steep walk down for about 2 hours. If you're interested in something remote and peaceful Saping is ideal.

The School: The school and the children are great! There is a curriculm which is mostly in English so be ready to adapt any lesson plans for the children to understand. They are very energetic and really soak up interactive lessons. There are a lot of resources that have been created or left behind by previous teachers, as well. I would suggest taking the time in the morning or after classes to plan out your lessons for the next day and make the best of the resources available to you.

Facilities: The facilities are very basic but clean with a squat toilet and a shower which is well heated by a solar system. You can do laundry by hand. I had a very comfortable stay and the food (traditional Dahl Baht) made by Pabitra, is excellent and filling. 

Life in rural Nepal is slow going and can be frustrating if you are not mentally prepared for it, I'd say go with the flow and take initiative on any projects you want to see completed. 

My stay was amazing and I highly recommend it for a volunteer who is hardy and willing to be flexible.

David, from Denmark

"Firstly I'd like to say that everybody who comes to Nepal and Saping has to prepare themselves both physically, hygienically and mentally for the differences to what they're used to. If there are open, flexible and easygoing volunteers it won't be a problem. The Saping experience is very much about one self and how a person can accept different realities. Of course I had somethings I needed to deal with while I was there, but none life threatening or big problems. 

I would just say to all volunteers to come if they think they have what it takes.. It's the greatest thing to experience and I wouldn't be without the experience for anything in the world. I fell in love in both the place, the people and the way of living. With an open heart and mind, wanting to the best you can and experience the most you can, I think you have a great volunteer program as it is!

Just come with open mind and heart, give your best and just enjoy the ride. It's truly amazing! It will always be in my heart. If you give 100%, they will see it, and will give you the same! I think it's most up to the volunteers attitude and mindset how the teaching will be and how their stay will be like! For my sake I had the most amazing time - both successfully teaching the students, overcoming the differences and enjoying the people, lifestyle, nature and everything Saping has to offer!"

Ekaterina, from Russia

"I was volunteering in Medaka Family School for 2 weeks in February and it was the greatest experience! Emma who moderates the messages from the volunteers provided all the guidances in advance, was always in touch and helped me to prepare for the trip. The school director Uttam, his colleagues and family were always helpful, friendly and easy-going so you'll feel really comfortable in Saping! It's a perfect chance not to waste your holidays, I highly reccomend!"

Emma, from Australia

"I really loved the time I spent in Saping. I spent 2 weeks there last year and have just returned from a six week stay. I didn't teach, but I did some other volunteer work, mainly helping to organize the volunteer program. Uttam and his family are just lovely people - they're warm-hearted, genuine and kind, and what they've managed to achieve in their village school is great. 

If you want to volunteer there, I think it's important to be mentally prepared for how different Nepal is...it's a very poor country, and Saping is a non-touristic, rural village. Things don't work as easily or quickly here as they do in the countries that most volunteers come from. I got frustrated sometimes, and I really had to learn to slow down and allow a lot more time to do things. Things like the internet, electricity, water, can all come and go!

However, the school now has a great kitchen and outdoor eating area, and the volunteer bedrooms are really comfortable, so it was easy to feel at home there. The views from the school are just amazing, it was great to open my bedroom window every morning and just soend 5 or 10 minutes looking at the mountains!

Being in Saping will challenge you at times, but it's also just magical. It's like stepping out of time and living a life that is much more connected to nature.  The kids are also awesome! I just loved it, and would love to come back next year  for a few months. If you're up for a bit of an adventure, I'd highly, highly recommend going to Saping!" 

Joshua, from Australia

"This was an amazing experience and has been a highlight of my time in Nepal. Nani and Uttam are incredibly friendly and hospitable. During my time I was able to assist with activities with the school children, cook meals and explore the local area. I was also lucky enough to be in the village during the Dishain festival and was humbled by how welcomed I was into the day to day life of the people during this time.

 I would also recommend communicating your travel intentions with Uttam/Nani prior to arriving. If you are on a budget, from Dalighat to the village will be a 2hr walk which you'll likely need assistance from Uttam to complete. I suggest staying in Uttam's Guesthouse - Innate Pension - in Dhulikel (an approx. 1.5hr bus from KTM) and then making the rest of the trip to the village (1hr bus from Dhulikel to Dalinghat and then a 2hr walk/climb up) the following day.

 The communication with Nani is first class and always prompt (unless they are in the village where the internet availability is very limited).

 As I mentioned at the top, this is an phenomenal experience - doing meaningful work with lovely people in a majestic setting. It doesn't get much better."