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About the School

About the School

Medaka Family School is a primary school located in the semi-remote farming community of Saping (70 kms from Kathmandu). It's a private school with 5 grades and was established in 2000. The school functions differently to other private schools in that it offers completely free education, particularly for the poorer children of Saping villageParents pay for half the cost of their child's lunch, but apart from that, the education their children receive is free.

The school began with 15 students, and now has over 60. Some of the children walk up to 3 hours a day to attend the school, because they can't afford to attend the government school closest to their home. The school prioritizes educating disadvantaged children, and special attention is given to strengthening girl’s education. The traditional caste system of Nepal doesn't exist within the school; all children are treated equally regardless of their cultural background.

The Medaka Family School has a committee with nine active members composed entirely of parents. The school is registered within Nepalese Ministry of Education, and follows the official curriculum, exams, and rules and regulation as set out by the government of Nepal. The curriculum is taught primarily in English.

Because Medaka Family School is a private school it receives no financial support from the government. However, regular reports are sent to the District Education Office for follow up and once a year the school is checked by the director of the District Education Office.

The school was established by Uttam Raj Giree, who is a local of Saping Village. Uttam received his secondary-school education in Kathmandu, after which he finished his studies in management at Tribhuvan University in 1999. He then qualified as a teacher. 

The idea of establishing a school in Saping grew out of a friendship between Uttam and some Japanese visitors to Nepal.  Uttam had always dreamt of starting a school in his village, because the nearest government school is 1.5 hours walk away, and many children weren't attending it. Many of the parents of the school's current students are illiterate, and Uttam wanted to try to break this cycle of illiteracy.

The school was formed through this Japanese-Nepali friendship, and it was decided it would be named "Medaka Family School" because a "medaka" is a type of tiny fish in Japan. The Medaka Family Circle of Japan, which has 40 members, was subsequently formed and has supported the school since its inception.

In 2015, the school established a volunteer program, and welcomes visitors from around the world who would like to experience life in rural Nepal and contribute to the education of our children.