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Innate Healing

Innate Healing

Innate Treatment is invented by Japanese Mr. Kimura. He believes that there is an innate intelligence in your body, which relieves your body of discomfort and heals disease. By INNATE he means the innate power which enhances your self healing power. He thinks that malfunction of the innate makes you unhealthy and results in any kind of disorder or illness. Therefore your innate becomes active, you can enjoy perfect health and full energy.

Mr. Kimura was inspired B.J. Palmer’s philosophy and began to give chiropractic treatments. After a while he has found out that the brain stem produces innate vital energy and then moves it around the body. If there is any problem or a twist at the cervical vertebra 1 and 2, innate cannot move smoothly, which results in any kind of disorder or illness. He tried to find a good way to heal the cervical vertebra 1 and 2, and came to know ‘homeopathy’.

Mr. Kimura got an inspiration from homeopathy. Influenced by B.J. Palmer’s philosophy that everything is inside and the idea of homeopathy that safe, no stimulus, resonance, Mr. Kimura has invented a wonderful treatment, ‘Mutsu-Seitai’ or INNATE TREATMENT. It consists in activation of energy circulation from top to down of the body, and inside out, through the spinal cord.

The treatment last approximately 1 hour. It is practiced by observation whilst the patient is lying down, in a certain straight position of the spinal cord. Uttam Raj Giree received his treatment skills and diploma from Mr. Kimura himself while staying in Japan in 2003

Costs for 1 treatment of 1 hour:     500 NPR for Nepali citizen 

                                                              900 NPR for Foreigners

Package (1 month- 5 times):       1500 NPR for Nepali citizen

                                                           3500 NPR for Foreigners

                                                           Lifestyle Adaption Course included