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Financial Matters

Financial Matters

A Japanese foundation, called the Medaka Family Circle of Japan, has maintained Medaka Family School since it began in 2000. The school was established with a budget of 400.000 NPR (4000 Euro).

The first school building was built in 2000. After student numbers grew, a second building was added in 2007. Two solar panels were also added at this time. They provide water for weekly hot showers for the children, which have reduced the incidents of skin infections amongst the students. The village's first toilet was built in the school in 2007. 

In 2016, thanks to fundraising done by volunteers, more building work was done on the school. Repairs were done to fix structural damage caused by the earthquake, a larger kitchen was built, and the second story of one of the school buildings was converted into bedrooms for use by volunteers. 

The infrastructure of the currently school consists of two buildings with five classrooms, 15 benches and tables, a small library room and office, a kitchen, and four bedrooms. The school facilities are still very basic; there's no electricity in the mud-floored classrooms, and no doors or window-panes. The buildings have corrugated-iron roofs and no heating during the winter months. 

Since 2011 the school has received 40.000 NPR (400 Euro) monthly from the Medaka Family Circle of Japan. From this amount, the salary for 5 local staff, stationary for the children, lunch, management of the school, and electricity are paid. The teachers are paid 6000 NPR (40 Euro) per month. This figure is well below the wages paid to government teachers (160 Euro).

Over the years, the school has also received small donations from Luxembourgish, France and Australia.

We're always trying to improve the educational standards and facilities at the school. Here are some of our future goals:

- contributing to the construction of a road from Dhologhat to Saping
- providing an annual trip for our students, who rarely see life outside of Saping village
- putting glass windows and doors in the classrooms
- providing salary for 2 more staff, since the numbers of children are growing
- developing a library and music area, and possibly installing several desks and computers for computer skills development
- providing a small sports hall
- providing staff training in Kathmandu
- developing a demonstration farm for organic farming promotion 
- networking within Nepal with agricultural communities and schools

If you would be interested in providing financial support to our school, please click here to contact us, or email us at innatepension@yahoo.com.